If you are looking for the best sunglasses for skinny face, you will quickly find that there is a lot of choice on the market. You also have to pay attention to many different criteria when buying, such as accuracy of fit, UV protection, workmanship and price-performance ratio and of course design. If all of this is too time-consuming for you and you just want to make a quick but good purchase decision, you’ve come to the right place.


Ray-Ban Justin

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Oakley Holbrook

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In this article, we filtered out the best skinny face sunglasses for you. All you have to do is choose. We can unreservedly recommend the Justin RB4165 from Ray-Ban , because the glasses shine thanks to their excellent workmanship in connection with a good variety of variants and a firm fit. Alternatively, the Holbrook W / Warm from Oakley is also available Highly recommended, because it is of high quality, sits very firmly and securely and the glasses can be ordered in different colors. You can check also best sunglasses for poker.

Top 5 Best Sunglasses For skinny face

1. Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses

The non-polarized model from Ray-Ban prevailed as the best sunglasses for skinny face. The glasses are available in many different color combinations and, in addition to the high-quality workmanship of the frame, also offer well-made lenses in different color variants.

The glass width is 5.4 centimeters, the height 4.4 centimeters and the bridge is 16 millimeters wide. Since the model does not have any extreme design elements, the sunglasses dress men and women alike, even if they were principally developed for men.

The frame is rubberized and therefore sits very well and firmly even during sporting activities or faster movements, without being uncomfortable or too tight. Wearing it in the swimming pool or in the sea is also no problem, because the material is very robust and durable.

In terms of price, Ray-Ban is certainly not in the entry-level range, but the bottom line is that the model convinces with its good workmanship in conjunction with the large selection of models and the classically elegant design, without being too intrusive.

The winner among the best sunglasses for skinny face convinced across the board in the list. The advantages and disadvantages of the research can be seen in the following comparison in a clear form.

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2. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley does almost everything right with glasses. As it is inspired by the snowboarder Shaun White, it offers not only completely distortion-free glasses but also a very light but at the same time robust and rubberized acetate frame, which not only ensures a very good fit, but is also very durable and resistant to external influences.

The frame of classic glasses is always black, but you can choose between different color variants and polarized and non-polarized versions of the lenses. It offers complete protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation and thus ideally protects your eyes in all weather conditions and radiation intensities.

The side metal studs give the glasses a unique look despite their classic design and emphasize the high-quality workmanship. With a total width of 14.3 centimeters and a lens width of 5.7 centimeters each, thanks to the flexible temples, they fit almost every head shape of an adult and of course the sunglasses can dress women and men alike.

The Oakley model is an overall very good pair of sunglasses for skinny face that, in principle, has no weaknesses. How it behaves with the advantages and disadvantages of the model can be seen from the following summary.

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3. CGID Mode Polarized 

The CGID model is a very affordable pair of sunglasses for skinny face. The lenses are polarized and very thin, so the overall weight of the glasses is very low.

The choice of colors is very large, so there is a suitable model for practically everyone. Both frame and glass color vary. The glass width is 5.2 centimeters in each case and the bridge is 2 centimeters wide. The cat’s eye design is very trendy and does not look exaggerated with the 15.1 cm wide glasses. Please note, however, that the glasses are not ideally suited for a smaller head size due to their width and the rather long temples. The models with a metal frame also contain nickel. This is relevant for allergy sufferers with a nickel allergy because it is not specified in the description.

Otherwise, the price-performance ratio is overall very good and the model can be recommended without reservation. The experience with the sunglasses was consistently positive, despite the low price. In the following you will get a clear summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the model.

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4. Eyekeeper with diopters

The Eyekeeper model is a classic, small, round sunglasses for skinny face with prescription lenses. The design is kept simple, so that the sunglasses are equally suitable for women and men. The width of the lenses is 3.8 centimeters, the frame measures 12.5 centimeters and the bridge is 2.4 centimeters. The bridge is nice and wide, while the glasses are kept small. For a narrow head, the glasses are very precise and fit well. The glasses have spring hinges and are designed for a pupillary distance between 59 to 63 mm. Overall, it is quite simple to make, because it is made entirely of plastic, but on the other hand it is very cheap.

When buying, you have the choice between the variant with dark glasses and other frame colors with clear glass. You can also choose between a lower diopter range between +0.50 and +4.00 to compensate for your poor eyesight and to use the glasses as reading glasses. A variant without prescription is also available. The acrylic lenses are optically correct and properly processed and thanks to the good fit for an average head size, the glasses are also very suitable for outdoor activities.

The bottom line is that the model offers a decent workmanship in relation to the very reasonable price, a long durability and, due to the very reasonable price, a correspondingly good price-performance ratio. If you are still undecided whether the purchase of glasses is worthwhile for you, the following comparison of strengths and weaknesses can certainly help you in your decision.

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5. DUCO Polarized

The Duco model is a pair of children’s sunglasses for boys and girls. The polarized sports glasses block 100% of the UVA, UVB and UVC rays, have flexible rubber temples so that they cannot fall off the head even when moving rapidly, making them ideal for outdoor sports. In addition, the material composition increases the service life of the glasses considerably.

Since the frame is very light, the glasses are not perceived as annoying by children, which is very important for the comfort factor of the little ones. The glasses are polarized so that reflections are reduced. The frame is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. This makes the frame very robust and resistant, so that even if the glasses fall on the ground, there is no noticeable impact.

Each glass measures 5.5 centimeters in width, 3.3 centimeters in height and the bridge is 2 centimeters wide. The temples have a length of 11 centimeters, are flexible and rubberized, so that they sit very well and offer an ideal hold. Even if the brackets are extremely bent, they do not break and can withstand extreme loads. The model, available in seven color variants, is suitable for boys and girls between the ages of around 3 and 10 years, although the glasses are still a little too big for three-year-olds. The bottom line is that the glasses are absolutely recommendable for children and offer a very good price-performance ratio as well as a chic look that was generally well received by the children.

If you are not yet sure whether the purchase of the glasses is worthwhile for you, you might want to take a look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages that result from the research.

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Final Words!

If you want to buy sunglasses, you should do your research beforehand, because the range is large and confusing. In addition to the question of lens tint and UV protection, it is also worth taking a closer look at the frame, the price structure and of course the design. In this guide, we put a number of recommendable models under the microscope and summarized the best sunglasses for skinny face after the purchase advice. Regardless of whether you are looking for high-quality brand glasses or cheap sunglasses for skinny face, you should find such a recommendable model.

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